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Reflexology services are available for the hands or feet. 3o minute sessions are provided to focus on the coordinating organs and skeletal system zones. Through nerves in the feet and hands, sensory information reaches the spinal cord, which transmits nerve signals to the brain information, generating a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, and improvement in overall health.
60 minute sessions include additionally lower leg and foot massage with foot reflexology or for hand reflexology, hand and arm massage. 75 minute session comes with an additional pampering spa treatment with a stimulating and exfoliating foot or hand scrub or soothing softening wax treatment.
Reflexology can be performed with clothes on. However, wearing loose clothing that can be rolled up or shorts or dresses/ skirts are best. Contraindications (not recommended) of Reflexology include but are not limited to : Heart Disease; Pregnancy; Diabetes; Aneurysms; Foot injuries; unhealed wounds; gout; contagious conditions. If unsure, please ask your Primary Care Doctor or Foot Doctor before making an appointment.

  • $4530 min
  • $6560 min
  • $8575 min

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